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Tuesday, Sept. 27 - WORKOUTS!

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<p>Good morning, TEAM LIT!</p>
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<p>Beautiful warm morning here in New England. Probably a little too humid for most, but for me... I love this stuff! Cold weather will be here for duration shortly.</p>
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<p>11.5 mile run early this morning with equal parts speed and social:</p>
<p>o WU - 45 min social run in complete darkness</p>
<p>o 4 x 1+ miles w/.3 mile jog</p>
<p>o CD - 10 min back to car</p>
<p>*Splits: 6:52, 6:44, 6:48, 6:49 -- splits 1 & 3 and 2 & 4 were identical.</p>
<p>**Speed was pretty good even though it was a cross between tempo and speed (will not chance proper speed due to hammy). Didn't exactly feel all that smooth, and at times I felt jagged, but I'll take it considering these times were solid compared with previous weeks and the fact that I didn't slow down (hard because speed is done on a very gradual up hill).</p>
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<p>Great day, y'all!</p>
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<p>These meds do weird thing to me, I feel hot, bloated, puffy, foggy, headache, just doesn't feel right.  My pinky toe is getting better so I am thinking to go for a quick run or stationary bike or something.  My pants are getting tight by the minute.  Totally dislike.</p>
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