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Tuesday Sept 18 Masters

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Hi there,<br>
This starts my second week of the 60 minute running program and I walked 5 mins, ran 30 mins, and walked 5 mins. Then stretched, showered, and raced into work just on time!<br><br>
I added a couple of low hills onto my run and it went really well. I'm feeling encouraged.<br><br>
Please see & contribute to my thread about music....<br>
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G'day mates!....Okay, it's no use. I just can't do the cheesey pirate talk...ARG! 12-miler this moring. Did a double yesterday. Morning 12 and did two four mile loops last night so both dogs could run. Now I feel just loopey!
Thanks for all the welcome backs....and the pie!<br><br>
4.5 of the slow and easy variety this afternoon. When the summer heat drained all the sproink last month, I ditched all training and racing plans for a bit. It was a blessing in disguise as I've really been enjoying just running whatever amount I choose and leaving the watch at home. My long runs the last two weeks have been 8 and 9 miles respectively, just enough to keep from getting too stale, yet short enough not to cause any aches and pains.<br><br>
Nice outings for some of you. Hally is back running spoinky and spinning. Good job. Great interval workout perch. If I could pace that steady, I'd rent myself out as an alarm clock. TripleJ.....great run yesterday. You are certainly seeing some big gains lately. Econo.....those blissed out trail runs cannot be beat....nice going. SS....if the skeeter therapy doesn't work, try leeches. They don't have as many side effects, like West Nile.<br><br>
I need to go to the lumber store and buy a good plank. Somebody should be walking it on Wednesday.
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Good to hear. You be careful and be sure to mix it up. These are the times that try men's souls. (If I may use less than PC quotes.)<br>
funny, I dreamt that I was doing CPR during a marathon...I don't get dreams like skeeters biting me...<br><br>
ironically, I had to run a code yesterday right after that dream.<br>
Felt I was right up to speed with ACLS/CPR etc.<br><br>
Hope you're all well in <i>Kick</i>land!
Evening all. Seems like forever since I ran and posted. Had to wait all day and then after a meeting tonight b4 I could get out for a sweet and sweaty 8 miler in 1:05. Looks like some good running taking place.<br><br><br>
Greetings to all, I'm now mentally back from my long weekend away (the body got back yesterday). Good long run Tamster<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="notworthy"> I'm impressed, even though you had to point it out to me <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile"> , but what do you expect from someone with a room temperature IQ.<br><br>
Ilene- I was down in your area over the weekend (well within 250 miles or so), where did you do your desert trail run?? My long run was in high desert conditions also, if you accept the fact that the Owens Valley has turned into a desert since DWP "diverted" their water.<br><br>
SS- You must have some hearty (arrrgh) mosquitos up there if they're still around and biting this time of year<br><br>
Jesse- Great run and great post the other day<br><br>
I haven't had time to read all the posts since I came back, but skimming over I see a lot of great runs.<br><br>
I went to the dentist over in Medford this morning so I took advantage of the fact I was there to run on the Bear Creek bike path and ..... eat an early lunch at Deli Down. One veggie sandwich & a cup of cream of tomato soup for $5.50 and it blows Subway out of the water (sorry millbot). 5 miles in 43:00.<br><br>
Will check the music thread out a little later, as I still have to work. The curse of being self employed, you go away for a few days and the work just sits there not getting done.<br><br>
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Here is Puddinhead D'Ouros Cobb, our rescue dog. It has proven difficult to get a decent photo of her.<br><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br><i>Sitting nicely with DD1's help. Sporting a shaved belly from her recent "procedure".</i><br><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br><i>A flattering closeup</i><br><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br><i>As good as it gets</i>
Will it blow a <i>running</i> Subway sandwich out of the water? If so, I need to eat there.<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy"><br><br>
I went to a different podiatrist today for my PF. This one was recommended by my doctor. Both podiatrists I've visited are runners, and are recommended separately by different running clubs. Both diagnosed me with the same problem: Plantar fasciitis caused by an acute trauma, not an overuse injury like most cases. But their treatment plans could not have been more different.<br><br>
My first podiatrist told me to wear shoes at all times with arch supports, absolutely no stretching, and no running for 6 weeks. My new one is a lot more aggressive. His course of action, after first numbing my foot, was an ultrasound massage, followed by a VERY aggressive friction massage, a cortisone injection with more ultrasound, and then a complete immobilization of my foot with many layers of tape and foam. My foot will be taped up for a week, so I'll be showering with a plastic bag on it for awhile. Most importantly, he thinks I can start running again in two weeks! Interestingly, he also told me no stretching. That is because the PF is the result of trauma, and stretching will re-injure it.<br><br>
Since I can't get my foot wet, I was not able to swim tonight. So I just did 50 minutes on the stationary bike.
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Woohoo! I'm no longer a "Trainee"! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile">
Riley you[re lookin good.<br>
John 24 -that's a whopper, last biggie before boulder?<br>
Thanks for te round up Ilene, desert trail running, that sounds fun<br><br>
Paid the piper tonight.<br>
Swapped out Tom Petty for a headlight<br>
DW and I did another 2 mile walk for my pre-warm up<br>
I got stung by a yellow jacket or hornet on the back of my knee before the run started -and it didn't cure anything.<br>
For today's run, I programmed a workout from RW -months back- for 10K prep into the Garmin<br><br>
800m @ 10K pace -40sec<br>
800m @ 10K pace-20sec<br>
3200m @ 10K pace<br>
800m @ 10K pace -20sec<br>
2007 10k goal was 8:30pace, with current working target 8:20.<br>
first split 7:37, OK<br>
second 8:15, not so OK<br>
third 8:20, this was a mile up and a mile down - model of my course in 2 weeks.<br>
fourth 8:53, wheels are off and flat on both sides.<br><br>
shoulda had a real rest day before this one and my intensity as been alittle higher than my fitness can accommadate these last 4 days.<br>
Tomorrow may be an unscheduled rest.<br>
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Dale, the mosquito really did bite me. It was the hope that it would be a cure-all for all running ailments that was the dream. <i>You,</i> however, do the <i>real</i> "fixing" all the time. <i>(Thanks, Pie, for reminding us about the good work that leeches do. Let us not forget the mighty maggot. If only slugs were so useful.)</i><br><br>
Putting on my dictator beret, if I ruled the land, medical professionals would be treated (if they so wished) like today's "stars" of entertainment and professional sport: get the big bucks, more support, and <b>time off for running</b>. Speaking of which ... how is the running?<br><br>
Nice runs Pink, pace2, Econo, ksrunr, Ilene, JJJ (maybe there's a benefit yet to be realized with the sting???) ... <i>everybody</i>, nice running.<br><br>
Puddin's a beauty, millbot. You're a lucky dog.<br><br>
Johnny and Lab, you crack me up. This made my night ...<br>
Lab, GL with the new treatment plan. Interesting that it's so different from Plan 1. I hope it works!!!
Second that, Lab, good luck with the new plan.. Hopin it works
Nice dog, good girl! She's a cutie and looks really happy to be with y'all.<br>
wb John<br><br>
G'luck with the new treatment Lab
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