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Riley you[re lookin good.<br>
John 24 -that's a whopper, last biggie before boulder?<br>
Thanks for te round up Ilene, desert trail running, that sounds fun<br><br>
Paid the piper tonight.<br>
Swapped out Tom Petty for a headlight<br>
DW and I did another 2 mile walk for my pre-warm up<br>
I got stung by a yellow jacket or hornet on the back of my knee before the run started -and it didn't cure anything.<br>
For today's run, I programmed a workout from RW -months back- for 10K prep into the Garmin<br><br>
800m @ 10K pace -40sec<br>
800m @ 10K pace-20sec<br>
3200m @ 10K pace<br>
800m @ 10K pace -20sec<br>
2007 10k goal was 8:30pace, with current working target 8:20.<br>
first split 7:37, OK<br>
second 8:15, not so OK<br>
third 8:20, this was a mile up and a mile down - model of my course in 2 weeks.<br>
fourth 8:53, wheels are off and flat on both sides.<br><br>
shoulda had a real rest day before this one and my intensity as been alittle higher than my fitness can accommadate these last 4 days.<br>
Tomorrow may be an unscheduled rest.<br>
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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