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Thanks for all the welcome backs....and the pie!<br><br>
4.5 of the slow and easy variety this afternoon. When the summer heat drained all the sproink last month, I ditched all training and racing plans for a bit. It was a blessing in disguise as I've really been enjoying just running whatever amount I choose and leaving the watch at home. My long runs the last two weeks have been 8 and 9 miles respectively, just enough to keep from getting too stale, yet short enough not to cause any aches and pains.<br><br>
Nice outings for some of you. Hally is back running spoinky and spinning. Good job. Great interval workout perch. If I could pace that steady, I'd rent myself out as an alarm clock. TripleJ.....great run yesterday. You are certainly seeing some big gains lately. Econo.....those blissed out trail runs cannot be beat....nice going. SS....if the skeeter therapy doesn't work, try leeches. They don't have as many side effects, like West Nile.<br><br>
I need to go to the lumber store and buy a good plank. Somebody should be walking it on Wednesday.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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