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Tuesday, Sept. 13 - WORKOUTS!

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<p>Good morning, folks!</p>
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<p>11.5 mile run early this morning in 1:32 with aspects of social and tempo-speed.</p>
<p>o WU - 45 min (~5 miles) social</p>
<p>o 4 x 1+ miles w/.3 mile recovery jog (splits below)</p>
<p>o CD - 9 min jog</p>
<p>*Splits: 7:06, 7:01, 7:03, 7:08</p>
<p>**Pace was more tempo than proper speed -- guessing actual pace was 6:20, maybe faster. Hamstring won't allow anything more. So I won't force it. Cramming for a marathon in a few weeks. Trying to get the body used to running at pace. This sucker will hurt.</p>
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<p>Great day, gang!</p>
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<p>Daily run. Got sprinkled on a few times. Cool weather is coming for the next few days.</p>
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<p>54m 35s - 6.21 miles - 08m 47s/Mi<br><br>
11:55 AM   <br><br><br>
Equipment: Nike Pegasus 08/11<br><br>
Warm/low 60s - Mostly cloudy and calm with occasional light rain. Crawford/Puckett/Security/Kiva/Fontaine/Grinnell/Bradley to Wageman trail to Community Center trail to Lindstrom/Upton/home. Short easy effort. Stretching afterward.</p>
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