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Tuesday Nov 30

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<p>Yep another 10 on the canal path... about 20 degrees warmer today, so a bit more pleasant...</p>
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<p>loopy--hang onto your hat!  Wicked winds are headed your way.  But, it is 50*, so I'm not complaining too much!</p>
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<p>Fishbowl for me this morning.  At the front desk they told me I could take my time, the really annoying lady wouldn't be in today.  Great!  How 'bout the water aerobics instructor with her annoying Christmas music?  With that, one of the trainers launched quite the impressive rant about her and the crappy music she was blaring.  First half of the workout was with said crappy music.  2500m total.</p>
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<p>This weekend's HM is up in the air.  I have an ever so slight ache in my ankle.  This is exactly how the stress fracture started.  I'll give it an easy test run tomorrow, but I'm not feeling good about this. It's been a long season and I've avoided injury so far.</p>
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