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Tuesday Nov 23

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<p>Good morning all.</p>
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<p>A very foggy 10 miles on the canal path. Knee still sore, but much better than last week...</p>
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<p>loopy--what's up with the knee?</p>
<p>BBS--get out there and see where your legs take you.</p>
<p>Jill--have you posted a photo of the pup?</p>
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<p>Fishbowl for me.  Stupid tired, so really should have gone for a rest day.  Got there and there was Christmas music blaring.  Really bad Christmas music.  The longer I swam the more pissed off I got, so I cut it to 2000m.</p>
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<p>Need a sanity check here.  Okay, besides the fact that I'm already crazy...  There's a HM on 12/5.  Weather should be perfect and based on training, I think I could PR.  Since my full on 10/24 I've cut back on running, but still knocked out some double digit runs.  Then I did the 3-day and have had trouble recovering.  This past weekend, I did 9 @8:37 and most certainly had more in the tank.  Cut it short because I didn't have water.  Tomorrow is a rest day (baking all day).  Thursday I'll get out early for a short trot.  What should I shoot for over the weekend given that my race will be the following weekend?</p>
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