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Tuesday Nov 23

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<p>Good morning all.</p>
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<p>A very foggy 10 miles on the canal path. Knee still sore, but much better than last week...</p>
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<p>I was too lazy to get up and run outside this morning.   4boysmom stole my motivation.  Now planning on a late morning 5'er on the TM.  A thrilling time is expected. </p>
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<p><strong>Dan </strong>- Sounds lovely!  Stay warm.</p>
<p><strong>kfuller</strong> -  Yikes!  Keep that weather to yourself!</p>
<p><strong>4boysmom</strong> - I hate the way that Christmas starts in November.  I mean at least wait until December!  Anyway, I'd do 10 miles with the last 2-3 @ HM pace.   It likely depends on your energy level.</p>
<p><strong>Jill</strong> - how are those quads?</p>
<p><strong>BBS</strong> - gotta keep those legs moving!</p>
<p><strong>Loopy</strong> - I was expecting a 5'er with your sore knee.  Oh well, lost that bet.</p>
<p>Lunchtime 5'er done.  Now back to pretending to work.</p>
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<p><strong>Hawk</strong> - Have a good run.  Looks like you have the weather we had yesterday.  No Christmas musak on my iPOD... I switch between two playlists... one rock the other trance (melodic electronic bleeping sounds).  It was a trance day today.</p>
<p><strong>Brown</strong> -  I was just thinking "where's Brown?" and up you pop like a genie. Welcome back.  I, and many others, use the log at</p>
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<p>Nice pace.  Sore calves to follow... </p>
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