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Good news re SO feeling stable (still sucks about the chasing around though!). Not so good about being driven batty by client though! Not surprising people don't have any momentum if he keeps being so inconsistent.

My company skews older - so I haven't seen much ageism (but maybe that'll change as they have a harder time hiring talent). Seniority is appreciated - I think because a lot of experience is needed in insurance and health-care. If anything, it's the IT department that is on the younger side. They give a month's sabbatical after 15 years. At the rate I'm going, I'll hit it... but even 4 weeks is pretty good (and it takes 10 years to accrue that).

Oh - and "Moose Encounters of the Third Kind" :) Not sure how you manage with most of your workouts turning out to be an adventure - between that and being potential supper for a wolfpack. Life on Zwift is a lot tamer!

Speaking of - didn't end up doing that today. Got in a 2 mile treadmill uphill grind for 40 minutes. Nothing pursued me :)

Signed up for an early-ish morning Zwift session tomorrow though.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts