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Tuesday Mid Jan (Jan 17) workouts or attempts

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My newest client/contractor is making me nuts. The clueless "lead' will hold multi hour meetings in which decisions are made he will then remake them or forget them and no one else will do any of their tasking (which they will have volunteered for). It all ends in early feb...SO continues to feel ok and we continue to chase referrals and doctors..with more testing and some other appointments in the next 2 weeks.

My back and lower body are a puzzle i'm guessing a nerve getting squeezed on and off. I'll make it though some workouts and feel better and then suddenly my quads are in knots or my back is waking me up or glutes..anyway I think its trending better.

Zoj that sucks about the vacation time. Something I struggle with both as employer and consultant is the current workforce age divide, us older folks working and working to build creditability and seniority, sacrificing in the past for rewards now vs a younger generation saying i won't sacrifice give it to me now. They aren't all wrong but the result is cuts for the senior folks in order to entice the junior folks to stay and then some of us who ahve been around now getting penalized for a younger workforce benefit. My company vacation hours are pretty liberal but some of my newest workers take it too far so now I have to figure out some structuring.

So with that my workouts that were NOT relaxing! First was Saturday, grey and snowing all day workign on a computer with a different time zone displayed i somehow left far alter than i thought for my 7 mile loop ski. Had I realized I was leaving 30 minutes before sunset I would not have taken that loop! It got dark I thought it was just a worsening storm for a bit before i finally came out of my fog to look at my clock. Oops so a dark and as fast as possible ski back with howling wolves and blowing snow. On Sunday I did get in a online yoga class which was good as my back and calves were in knots. Yesterday as it got late SO wanted to ski the same area I was in on Saturday, I gave him the "good" skis for conditions and took some that were not ideal and it snowed hard, it got late I struggled with the skis this day was @ 5 miles we did get back before full dark.
So today I was working away again and getting tense and also being forces to reschedule many things. I thought I'd take a nice ski up the slope in the late afternoon sunshine.

At the 1 mile mark I usually cross a band of willows, a summer water ditch, onto the main slope. I was talking to one of the work people on the phone while climbing. I suddenly heard a loud huff and looked up in time to see a wall of blakc headed at me. I managed to dodge left as a moose crashed through the willows but then he turned and waited. I crept behind a tree (and hung up on the call) and waited..and waited, I could see him huffing and swiveling his ears, I could even smell his breath. I finally crept to a stand of aspens, he then came down into the same strand. Every time I 'd work my wya away I'd find he had circles into the same area (want to bet he's saying the same about me). I finally laid down in the snow and waited and he slowly wondered off to exactly where my trial home goes. So I ended up thrashing my way up the aspen and willow glen to take another messy route home.

Maybe I'll set up my trainer and just stay inside :) I've been skiing that route for 4 years and this is the first run-in maybe i just have to pay better attention but for now I'm not feeling any more relaxed.
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Good news re SO feeling stable (still sucks about the chasing around though!). Not so good about being driven batty by client though! Not surprising people don't have any momentum if he keeps being so inconsistent.

My company skews older - so I haven't seen much ageism (but maybe that'll change as they have a harder time hiring talent). Seniority is appreciated - I think because a lot of experience is needed in insurance and health-care. If anything, it's the IT department that is on the younger side. They give a month's sabbatical after 15 years. At the rate I'm going, I'll hit it... but even 4 weeks is pretty good (and it takes 10 years to accrue that).

Oh - and "Moose Encounters of the Third Kind" :) Not sure how you manage with most of your workouts turning out to be an adventure - between that and being potential supper for a wolfpack. Life on Zwift is a lot tamer!

Speaking of - didn't end up doing that today. Got in a 2 mile treadmill uphill grind for 40 minutes. Nothing pursued me :)

Signed up for an early-ish morning Zwift session tomorrow though.

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Ugh my post got eaten out....

I was saying, SB - good news to SO getting better.
I don't think our company vacation policy hasn't changed since I started 21 yrs ago. I learned DS has 'all you can take PTO's'. Hope nobody abuses.

After work was 5.5 mile running. My headache was making me from runningl
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