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Tuesday, May 9 - Workouts!

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I did manage to get out yesterday and go for a run. Took the pup in what was a vain attempt to tire her out so she would sleep later in the am. Ah nope. 2.3 miles run and then another 0.4 walk to finish it off.

Today was 30 min on the trainer and ~25 min weight workout.

looks like Geo is enjoying his visit with his daughter. :)

Oh and at PT last week...have to do some of my shoulder PT exercises, to help strengthen the front of the shoulder in the hope that it will help my elbow. Never ending...
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Zoj-PT years of PT lots of don't move this and don't do that for ribs and elbow. Finally at the suggestion of a PT friend I started personal training to try to change my forefoot strike=Morton's neuroma and what happens well every once in a while she observes (via zoom and videos I send of me doing Romanian dead lifts or presses or what not) that I am too square, shoulder blades pulled too closely together, abs too crunched..all the things many years of PT taught me. So I experiment with movements and bit by bit the elbow and shoudl pain are reducing. Oh and the neuroma is long gone but i am so frustrated that i spent so long was actually hobbling myself. So with that i hope your experience is much better than mine. And hey if I let my shoulder blade and ribs rotate the elbow (which I had broken some years ago) feels better..ymmv
I thought i would work wiht the trainer for a few months 1/5 years in and I'm still learning.

Meanwhile today I did a warm up then went to see what its like to ski on 4 inches of hail on top of slushy snow, turns out no fun and cold and wet with freezing fog so I went back home and have had meetings all day. One more evening meeting to go, I don't' enjoy the 2nd Tuesday of the month which features too many meetings and not enough "doing"
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I’m México all week for work. Tired due to super early meetings/flights to take. Just no energy to do any workouts.

Happy to see SB back and chatting :)
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