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Tuesday, May 16 - Workouts!

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Hey gang!

Out ON THE BIKE at lunch - shocker! Nice temps, but dang that wind. First couple of rides outside are always tough - trainer just doesn't compare (for me anyway)...and the wind didn't help. just over 10 miles and just over 15 mph.

Geo - hate when the powers that be decide it is time to do roadwork on favorite routes. Been keeping an eye out for that while out in the car - so far, doesn't look like any of the routes that we frequent are getting far so good.

Going to the dealership to see my new car this afternoon and pick out the options I want them to add before I take ownership...eek!
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Nice! And yes - agree that trainer (for me) is not comparable to road riding in terms of difficulty - although it's a great supplement for the winter. Hope you love your new Acura!

Another commute day for me - short in (11 miles); long home (20). No rabbit - but did manage over 19 on the short way in (win!) and close to 17 on the way home. At least the road was fully paved - although lines were not there yet. Was a little less hairy than yesterday, because people were driving to avoid the ridge in paving.

Also went on a lunch walk with E and got to catch up on vacation, life happenings, etc. Schedules don't mesh these days - so nice to catch up when we can.

Sort of playing a bit of hooky tomorrow for some volunteer beach clean-up. At least it'll be a couple of hours out of work - but unfortunately the chill is settling back in for the day (and should be cooler on the coast).

Hi!! So busy with stuff and can’t check in as I wish. Sounds all doing well.

nice commutes Geo. And those fast rabbits…!!

Zoj - I hear you… I thought parenting was behind us..,!? Relationships require works for sure at any levels.

Just being behind lots of stuff as I was out of house last week. One of my colleagues from japan is still here and I was out of house all day 630am to 630pm. Driving and meetings. Needed to get out to enjoy the sun. My choice was a casual ride on fattie. For an hour.
yesterday I ran 6 miles then hosted a hr session on the Battle of Waterloo race - Mark’s favorite- with the try club members who are interested in doing and learning the gear carrying strategies. This is the race with 10-legs of S/B/R.

Packing for 10-day bikepacking trip is 90% done. Clothes are harder to pack as the temp will swing about 30 degrees. And debating whether or not, I will pack separate pants for chilling around the campsite, going town and sleeping. I want one PAIR for that! Enough sh!t on my bike already!
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Mud season hitting here with fast snow melt out. I've been walking on the road but really need new shoes. i'm off for high angle rescue training in Colorado for the rest of the week though so maybe the trails wills tart melting out and I won't need road shoes! We'll see what happens when I get back, meanwhile keep holding down the fort!
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