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Wild and wacky training day.<br><br>
Jogged to Hayward Field and warmed up:<br>
8:09 mi<br>
7:34 mi<br>
1:46 for .2 (8:40 pace)<br><br>
My friend Ken showed up and we ran to get him warmed up:<br>
8:14 mi<br>
2:51 for .35 (8:08 pace)<br><br>
800m intervals with 400m rest:<br>
2:54 (5:52 pace)<br>
2:52 (5:47)<br>
2:51 (5:45)<br>
Decided that was enough of that. One more at a more reasonable pace: 3:08 (6:19)<br><br>
Cool down:<br>
7:29 mi<br><br>
Jog home:<br>
4:46 for .55 mi (8:38 pace).<br><br>
Totals (not including recovery):<br><br>
7.1 miles 52:38<br><br>
It's nice to have someone to run intervals with, especially since I don't know what I'm doing. Plus he's faster than me so he makes a nice rabbit.
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