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Tuesday, March 21 - Workouts!

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Hi gang!
on the trainer for 30 minutes and then Carol Girvan 20 min upper body workout...

Yo - not sure I like that PT. Feels like he (1) doesn't know what else to do or (2) isn't interested in figuring it out. I have never had that happen. I mean if you are still experiencing issues (pain, mobility, strength??) he/she should at least have some kind of recommendation on a path forward - which may include going back to the doc for an injection or more imaging to find out what is going on, but just not "here is some stuff to do at home, good luck". (If I misread your post, I apologize).

Heading into Boston tonight for a Bruins game...sitting here watching Red Sox spring training. :)
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Yo I have to agree with Zoj. THere seems to be a quite a few "mill" pts who take you in give you the standard and push you out. For regualr issues (shoulder surgery a sepcific injury etc) they are ok but they don't go outside the little box to figure otu problems and solutions. Its furstrating! My old pt always siad make sure any pt has an orthopedic certification but its mroe than that.

Not sure where I left off having skied Friday in GTNP, Saturday in Pot Creek, Bridger NF aka my back yard and Sunday taken the hagglaunds into the Gros Ventres off Union Pass road I was beat by Monday. Just did yoga Monday, 1 hr strength training today but I'll be back in the tent tonight checking the new pad options during the next part of what looks to be a 2 week long storm.. 6 inches fresh last night..more to come.
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