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Out on the road today for the standard 10 mile loop. Left sit bone area a bit sore from the 30 mile ride, need to talk to PT about it again. Saddle is good - better than any other one that I have used over the past several years. Nice thing is I can still tweak it if need be, without getting a new one. :)

Softball practice canceled due to T-storms, so DD and I are going to do a little shopping instead.

Geo - I want to keep my racing streak going for as long as I can...5Ks and sprint/oly triathlons still easily fit within what I do anyway, so, why not? Now, I need more recovery and I am not as fast as I once was (which really wasn't that fast to begin with), but still enjoy getting out there.

Yo - I have been dealing with elbow issues since 2015, no known injury or fall, so who knows why it happened.
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