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Tuesday July 10th

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6.25 miles 6 x 90 seconds hard hill pushes.<br><br>
Have good runs all.
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Good runs - all around - today.<br><br>
Forecast all day was 90F+ at 6:30p. Emails going around all day and preparing to move the quality workout to Wed. We show up at the track, only mid-80s, and the breeze blowing. The group decides to go for it. Good thing I hydrated all day.<br><br>
9 miles total<br>
2.5 warm-up<br>
3.0 @ I-pace (6 x 800m; with 400m recovery jogs)<br>
2.0 cool-down<br><br>
800 splits: 3:06/3:05/3:05/3:08/3:03/3:03<br><br>
First week of intervals. Ran evenly without major stain to hit the pace. I look forward to seeing some progress after a few more weeks of I-pace running.<br><br>
According to recent time trial, my current VDOT (51) prescribes 3:06 for the 800s. Although I know I can run closer to 2:50s, I'm having faith that perhaps the VDOT will naturally improve during the next few weeks as more quality is introduced. I hope.<br><br>
Glad its done. I'm hot.
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