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Tuesday July 10th

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6.25 miles 6 x 90 seconds hard hill pushes.<br><br>
Have good runs all.
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7 miles<br>
58:07 for an avg pace of 8:15<br><br>
First time over 6 miles in 3 months. What is up with that?
60 mins on the stairmaster this morning. Good day for an indoor workout-it's hot already! Stay cool everyone. There are a bunch of heat advisories today.
Good morning!<br><br>
10.05 miles 1:25:07 (8:28 ). It was 85% humidity (and about 70*F). I'm guessing my <a href="" target="_blank">ART</a> treatment last night helped with the pace. Dr. Weiss is my hero. <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
Nice - Runs<br><br>
Grizzly - 6x90 seconds hard hills pushes - Art thou starting to feel better?<br><br>
Jensparks - Cranking out the good mileage at a good pace.<br><br>
Myself - I decided to TM it this am. Ran a total of 15 with 5x1 mile @ 10.0 MPH 1% incline with .25 recoveries.<br><br>
Good running to all -
My hamstring is healed enough to start some light jogging again finally. For the past few days, I've done some treadmill workouts...3 minutes walking, 1 minute light jog, repeat cycle. No problems. Tonight, I'll do a good elliptical workout.
Good job guys!! Doc says I do not have a stress fracture just tendonitis, one week of nothing and then start back slowly. This was supposed to be week 1 of Marathon training on my 16 week next week I guess I just try to build up until I get to where the mileage is at? I don't think I should hit the miles that are on my plan for next week if I miss this week, right?
5.1 mile run this morning. It was a recovery day, so I left the watch at home. I knew I'd be taking it slow and easy after yesterday's tumble. It was a nice morning and my run felt fine. Everything appears to be in working order, except my left arm. It hurts up by my shoulder when I reach across the front of my body, put my arm overhead, or have it in a back swing type motion. I think I jammed it. I might need to have it looked at if it's not feeling any better soon.
7 miles with 4 x 1/2 mile intervals. First 4 were good......felt like I slogged through my last 3.<br>
Good runs to all!
1 hour stepper, 30 min power hike 4mph 8% incline. Some misc core work.
Flounder: Meh. I'm still tired, but I pushed hard on all of the hill repeats, and my fastest was the last, even though I felt slower.<br><br>
Durden's plan might address some of the issues I had with speed prep for this marathon. I'm wondering if I could start with Durden and then mosey in to Pfitz for the marathon after this one... sort of like replacing Pfitz's mesocycle 1 with Durden and then doing the rest Pfitz?
Is it time for a nap now?<br><br>
Flounder, how HOW do you do 15 miles on a treadmill? There's no way I could have stayed on that long. Holy cow.<br><br>
I'm glad to hear it's not a stress fx Toe Jam (or is it "crusty?" <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> ) Be careful! No advice, other than I've read you can skip 7-10 days and pick right back up where you should be (Pfitzinger says this in the Advanced Marathoning book).<br><br>
Aphi, I highly recommend Active Release (linked in my post above) if you're still hurting in a few days. It's good stuff!
6 miles<br><br>
Where I live I'm 900 feet above sea level. Here in Payson, where my parents live, I'm 4,887 feet above sea level. Not a mile above sea level, but I definitely felt as though I had to work harder and I got pretty heavily winded on the hill climbs.
total body + core/endurance format<br><br><img alt="cool.gif" src="">
S-T-R-E-T-C-H / 2 X Weightlifting Circuit (total body) / 4 mile run.<br>
Well, the run felt a little better today..... I'm having trouble breathing in this humidity, but it never bothered me before.... ???
Taught pilates class and worked them hard!<br><br>
Swam 1900 yards, mostly a a mix of freestyle "sprinting" (relatively speaking) and 500s.
6.25 very easy, very slow miles @ lunch. Heat Index <b>98 degrees</b>!<br><br><i>I'm melting....</i>
Easy 5.25 mile recovery run. Very humid, but not too warm. I didn't push the pace at all and it took all the restraint I had not to chase down and pass this woman who passed me. It's only the second time I got passed on my own route in 5 years! I used to run a poplulated route around a lake but found that I would get too competitive and try to chase everyone down. Little did I know I was burning myself out.
great running everyone!! I, too am amazed by 15 miles on a TM!!<br>
Jen- does he really say that? how encouraging!<br><br>
So, I went to the trigger point therapist today and the pain in my foot is's so weird! She says that inflammation in the tendon is caused by strain/pressure in a trigger point. She worked on some spots in my calf and feet and there is NOTHING now. Still not gonna run today, but maybe a little one tomorrow. And to think that yesterday, I was convinced it was a fracture!
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