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Looks like 2023 is getting off to a good start for everyone!

Yesterday was 30 min on the trainer and 10 min of yoga. Netflix has some short workouts loaded, so am going to include them in my day to day...esp yoga.

Today - out for a short run in the rain. Contemplating, what this spring/summer will bring in terms of races/activities...def BAA 5K in April, and thinking of adding the BAA 10K in June. Want to find a sprint tri in July/August and then since REV3 New England is now in September, that might be a du...not sure I want to get in a lake in September - unless of course SB you want to come out and swim it for me?? :LOL:

Oh and we decided on late May-Early June for Scotland. Hotel is booked. Have the flights mapped out, just not booked yet.
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