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Speak for yourself, Zoj :) Been slacking for a few days - visiting family in CT for belated Xmas last Friday, and college friends in CT on Saturday for a NYE get-together. Also, the phone holder on my bike broke - so had to order another one. Sigh... Will get back on Zwift tomorrow - phone holder or not. Got on the treadmill at work at lunch today for the 40 min uphill walk.

Weather should be lovely then, Zoj. DD just booked a 2-night trip to Madeira (the Hawaii of Europe, apparently) that included Air BNB, car rental, flights, and airport transfers for $136/person ... crazy! Celebrating 4th year anniversary with her SO. Makes me jealous with her European jaunts.

Congrats on the Fat Bike Yo! Looks like you had a very cold outing with DH around Xmas! Definitely in SB territory there...

And moose are attracted to salt? I assume you mean on the road... The more you know... Hopefully your SO is doing fine, SB.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts