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Zoj - My neurologist thinks it may have something to do with neuromuscular issues like exercised-induced dystonia. My central nervous system is all clear and good but something to do with peripheral issues. (This observation is based on the two major issues I have had during the last few yrs - one with my waist-up completely froze during a hot muggy day mtb ride and one last Dec where I lost speech) Though he thinks the headaches I am getting during run are something different. For that, he think it is tension-related headache and suggested to take mortorin before a run. :(

Geo - the price sounds really good! Late April must be lovely in England!

2 mile walk during lunch. And after work I headed out for a run, but my headache was really bad and gave up with 3.5 miles. Totally defeated :( 15min strength/stretches afterwards.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts