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Tuesday is already gone.
Yo you re right and I am having a "moment' wiht everyone's excuses. In the case of the test, I think they ahve finally downloaded the data (3 excuses why not, before admitting not done) and are we hope analyzing it...just don't die until we remember to look at any of these tests right?

2nd Tuesday of the month= 3 in person and 2 online meetings and it messes me up. First I am usually i am usually in the midst of other things then the sitting in chairs (that are molded plastic) then driving then sitting in my chair seems to mess up my lower back some of the time.

This was one of those times. I did 1 hr strength training interrupted by shoveling snow and stacking some wood on the porch. I was trying to do all those efforts until we get a read on the test data for SO.

I also had a @20 minute snowshoe to try to loosen up. I feel like I'm just surviving not really getting any fitness goals at this moment.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts