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Tuesday, December 20th

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<p>I gotta watch a sick DD until 1, so I may try to squeeze in aTM run today, but will be tough.  Ended up working last night and probably will the next 2 nights as well.</p>
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<p>BBS--good luck squeezing in the run.</p>
<p>Asics--uh, what's the point in doing cross training you hate?  I thought working out was to relieve stress, not add to it.</p>
<p>chances--enjoy the fishbowl.</p>
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<p>Cold and rainy here today.  Should have run yesterday when it was in the 50's.  Oh well.  Managed to nearly finish my shopping.  I need to get out for a run today but did I mention it's cold and rainy?</p>
<p>50's and rain isn't so bad.  30's and rain is a whole 'nuther story!  But, get out there and run I did.  Planned on the short neighborhood route but ended up on the longer one which is an O&B.  There's one house that I run by that used to have a sign out front that said "Pray for ***"  The sign has since been moved to a window.  Every time I run by I pray but I've always wondered the story behind the sign.  Today, just as I was getting to the house someone pulled into the driveway so I stopped and asked.  Their 26yo daughter was shot in the neck and is paralyzed from the neck down.  Wow.  I can't even imagine.  </p>
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