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Tuesday, April 25 - Workouts!

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Hi gang!
Back in the saddle again - literally - at lunch today. 30 min on the trainer, FIB elbow weight PT...usual dog walk in the am too.

Meetings or events EVERY night this week! oof. BUT Friday is a WooSox game with a bunch of ski instructors, so that will be fun.

Yo - yay on the shoulder - don't get overly excited and ramp up too quickly!! ;)
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Yup - schmutzy again this morning, so was on Zwift for 23 miles. Other than that, brief walk at lunch with E. Also had a nice time catching up with an old work friend - ordered a non-alcoholic beer by accident. They've come a long way!

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Zoj - woohoo!!
Geo - it’s always good to get together with old friends !

6miles with super tired legs, from the weekend I assume. But got it done.
me last week my road record was 22,5km in 2:02"00 run
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