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hi guys - was around this weekend, but didn't stop over - dang it!

Saturday was getting new jewelry day - My engagement ring band snapped a few months ago...but we needed to coordinate with our jeweler friend, so finally got up there to have DH's ring resized and cleaned up, DD's earrings fixed and figure out what to do with my ring. Jeweler said the setting was pretty much toast, so looked at new settings. Narrowed it down to two different ones and will go back to decide when he gets them in house. Ironic that I might have them in time for our 29th wedding anniversary in September. lol

Sunday - attempted a 50 mile outdoor ride. yeah, that didn't happen. After about 10 miles, I knew the full ride wasn't happening, so did a reroute and tried for 40. yeah, nope. Ended up with 32 outside and then another 1/2 hour on the trainer. Between the weather and sitbone pain, it just wasn't happening. I think I ended up with just about 40 for the day. This whole saddle/shorts/sitbone thing is getting old.

Yesterday we went to Lake Compounce (amusement park) in CT for the day. So other than sweating our asses off in the HHH weather, we had fun, but nothing else of the day.

Still feeling fatigued, so today is another down day. Even skipping softball practice - just can't do it.

Yo - go back to the doc and see what is going on. Cortisone/steriod shots reduce the inflammation and are great for pain management, but sounds like your body is telling you something is wrong. I forget, you had an MRI, right? what did it say?

SB - be careful! While I have a hard time with consistent 90 deg temps, I don't really want to see 33 deg anytime soon!

Geo - nice getting the rides done! Good for you!
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