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Ooh ... slacking. Was off for getaway on Fri/Sat last week, and then Sunday was catch-up (shopping, last of the yard clean-up, covering the wood pile, etc), plus Pats. Missed three gorgeous days for riding, but did enjoy the getaway. Monday was showers in the AM, so didn't commute... and didn't have the motivation to hit the trainer at night.

Today, back to commuting - 13+ miles on the way in, stopping by the HS to hopefully keep NH blue, and the first full dark 20+ home for about 34 on the day.

SB - hope that the conditions let up enough for you to get out!

Yo - Sorry to read about your friend Mark. It sounds like he enjoyed an active life ... doesn't make the loss any easier (esp for DW and kids), but always better when people are making the most of the time they have - and at least you got to know one of the good ones. Hugs (although maybe you're not much of a hugger).

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