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Zoj-lay low for now glad you are recovering.
Yo-I know some of these losses really hit hard :(
Geo-looks like my yard cleaning is done for the year! I had a slash pile to burn but now its a snow pile.
Well the day started out with light snow that turned to rain.
I had a 1 hour session with my trainer and had a couple ah hah moments about how I weight my steps and so forth perhaps the last piece of the gait/foot pressure puzzle? but now I'm super sore.
I juggled several in person meetings with zoom meetings all day but missed lunch, just a few light snacks before heading out to vote and then to the SAR meeting. During the meeting the weather turned to winter. I drove home in the dark at 25 mph and greatly appreciated my new car with higher clearance and brighter lights and stronger defrost! Of course all the animals were on the road too but it wasn't a white knuckle drive just a slow and steady one over white on white on white roads.

Wyoming does offer early and absentee ballots but for both I still have a 60 mile rt and have to present ID etc. So I thought it easiest to just vote in person as its the same drive and never much wait but I will rethink that for future November elections it may be worth going to the courthouse early instead.

Around 2 am the power went out. We have a new generator hooked up to 1,000 gal propane but its not yet connected to the house, the electrician got very sick a month ago so we wait. I had to get up early to put snow in the refrigerators to keep the temps down. That involved a lot of running around and snow shoveling but no actual workout. On the schedule for today is an EP swim and strength training however it may convert to snowshoeing depending upon the status of power. I snowshoed to the neighbors whose generator is working to run the computer for a zoom call.
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