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Tuesday 4.26

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<p>Morning all.</p>
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<p>Erika - I don't know what to expect at OKC this weekend.  I'm pretty fit but don't feel fast.   The race has grown to 22K between the half and full.  My age group ran only a 3:22 last year to win but conditions can be hot and windy at this race.  I certainly want to run faster than that.<br><br>
Opie - you still running the relay.  I see you've kicked your boot.<br><br>
Hi Heme and Happyfeat</p>
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<p>Johnny - how goes it?</p>
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<p>8 miles this morning.  4 ez; 2 X 1 mile at 5k pace with 1 mile ez between, and 1 mile cool down.   1:03 total time.  Already 80 degrees and high humidity.  Wind is only a breeze this morning.  This has been the windiest spring I can remember in the 7 years I've lived here.  jtwili   :)<br><br>
What's up irun and Rip and Gobi and who else is left.................?</p>
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<p>Sorry I flit in and out here, but I am working on a more regular lifestyle so I can post more consistantly. But I do have good news today - I managed my longest continuous run to date, with an evening run of 7.3 Km, to the Parque which is 3 Km from my home, and then a lap of the parque before heading back the reverse route, (completed in 1 second under 40 minutes - sub 5:30 pace).</p>
<p>I have managed a longer run with the Hash, but as that is broken up into segements, I see this as a proper step in the right direction, and I may be tempted to have a go at a 10K being run here on Sunday coming, as a warm up for my Home 10K at the end of next month - See how I feel in the morning.</p>
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<p>Good running to everyone else, and I will now go and read teh last few days lot of posts :)...</p>
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