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Hey Zoj and gang!
I am switching my travel plans due to storms hitting everywhere and what not, going to target 2nd week of Feb for a Boston trip and meet-up, I will let you know when I get closer to the exact date!

I had a 1 hour online session with my personal trainer yesterday I was rahter pathetic but as always learned new details and tricks. Painful side planks wiht rotation :( the rest is all good although I think I need a smaller swiss ball. I am starting a new cycle, I always have the option of 2 slightly longer than 1 hour workouts or 3 shorter I can never decide which I prefer. When I take 2 long I usually end up doing an extra 1-2 short ones but when I do 3 short sometimes I can't get all 3 done..I suppose these are 1st world problems

Today I snuck out on skis for the first time this year. Its been snowing but we only have a couple of feet, its also been cold and about to get colder (minus 20s in the daytime). So a short and sweet trip on my "rock skis" odler waxless rosi 125's that have worn down too much so I coated them in polar wiht multigrade blue wax under the foot and they held pretty well. Only another 3ish miles breaking trakc up the slope and back down in tiem for a meeting. Maybe tomorrow I can get back to my normal routine or a new normal since its winter now.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts