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Tuesday 10/30

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5 more days...the excitement is building. I'm actually excited to start training again, so I think the 2 weeks of rest has definitely done its job.<br><br>
Have a great day.
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I will attempt to restart training (Cross with a few runs) after doing nothing but walking last week at Disney - I also have to restart weight loss - The mouse made me gain weight. In the spirit of a restart I made my goals / race schedule for 2008<br><br>
Alex - Hopefully we can do 2 or 3 of these together<br>
Bock (5M)<br>
Bellin (10k)<br>
H&S (5M)<br>
Runski (10k)<br><br>
Marathons (May be last year of these)<br>
Boston - I would like to meet Roots (and Others)<br>
Chicago - I'd like to meet Nirvana (and Others)<br><br>
Ultras - Ice Age 50 Miler<br><br>
Next year's real focus will be on running a fast fall 5k.<br><br>
I am restarting @ 236# (10/29/07) after 8 weeks off - So there is a lot of cross training and slow running in my near future.<br><br>
I may not post daily - but I will at least post weekly.<br><br>
Good running to all -
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I doing Boston for fun - Jensparks it would be fun to meet you and as many KR people as possible. I also am looking forward to watching the womens' olympic trials in person.
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