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Tuesday 10.16.07

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Tonight is our mile time trial on the track and I'm hoping for about 5:05 or so...should be rainy and cold though, but I will perservere. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile"><br><br>
Have a great day.
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Hi all:<br><br>
After taking yesterday off, I'm back in the saddle again.<br><br>
Here's the report for today:<br><br><b>Daily Run Report</b><br><br><b>Date:</b> 10/16/2007 <b>Time:</b> 16:07<br><b>Run Type:</b> Just A Run<br><b>Distance:</b> 3.4 miles<br><b>Total time:</b> 00:35:11.5 <b>Average Per Mile:</b> 00:08:52.4<br><b>Course:</b> <a href="" target="_blank">Home 3.4 mile loop</a><br><b>Max HR (for entire workout):</b> 169<br><b>Average HR:</b> 137<br><b>Shoes:</b> Mizuno Wave Rider 10 - 10/2007 <b>Date Entered Service:</b> 10/10/2007 <b>Ending Mileage:</b> 47.6<br><b>Weather:</b><br><b>Temperature:</b> 63 <b>Temperature Type:</b> Ambient Air <b>Time:</b> Start<br><b>Temperature:</b> 63 <b>Temperature Type:</b> Ambient Air <b>Time:</b> End<br><b>Dew Point:</b> 37 <b>Time:</b> Start<br><b>Dew Point:</b> 37 <b>Time:</b> End<br><b>Wind speed:</b> 1 <b>Max Gust:</b> 4 <b>Direction:</b> W<br><br>
Back at it today after taking yesterday off. I did my home 3.4 mile loop to try to shake some of the soreness from the quads and hamstrings.<br><br>
Legs were very uncooperative for the first mile then after that they started to feel better.<br><br>
I am having a very hard time believing the 169 max hr. In fact, I do not believe that is accurate, because I do not recall my HR ever being above 150.<br><br>
Very nice night for a run. That was part of the reason I went out for it tonight.<br><b>Run Segments<br>
Name Time Distance AvgMile HR AvgHR Total Time</b><br>
Mile 1 00:09:08.5 1.0 00:09:08.5 139 146 00:09:08.5<br>
Mile 2 00:08:37.6 1.0 00:08:37.6 140 141 00:17:46.1<br>
Mile 3 00:08:47.0 1.0 00:08:47.0 140 144 00:26:33.1<br>
Mile 3.4 00:03:37.1 0.4 00:09:02.7 147 146 00:30:10.2<br>
Recov-1 00:05:01.3 0.0 00:00:00.0 85 98 00:35:11.5
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Jen -<br><br>
I guess because the legs were feeling okay (just a bit of soreness), and I thought a very slow, very easy run would loosen up some of the soreness. Seriously, I'm not in any pain, a bit of soreness and stiffness (there's a huge difference between pain and soreness), so I figured why not? <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile">
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