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Tue 1/29

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<b><i>Riley -</i></b> take a look back at the last few days. Look for a change in nutrition, lack of sleep (big one for me), or a jump in stress levels. Those are probably the 3 most common reasons for blah motivation.<br><br>
Was slated for a rest day, but when I saw it was gonna be 35, I decided to do my 10 (actually 9) this morning. It was really windy and a rough run with rolling hills (headwind while going uphill). Tomorrow when it's 16 and just as windy, I'll be glad I ran today. <img alt="banana.gif" src="">
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Tough morning for me: When I headed out it was raining only ever so slightly, so I figured I could at least get in an easy 3 since the weather was only going to get worse during the day. The rain picked up and about halfway through, I noticed the road was starting to become coated with black ice. I struggled up a steep grade. However, I still had a large down hill ahead of me. As expected, I started to lose my footing and took a little spill, landing on my hand and buttocks. Fortunately, I ended up with only a few minor bruises. I hit the gym after work since I felt that my morning workout was rather meager.
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