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Four treadmills. Two are occupied when you arrive. Sign says "Keep your workout to 20 minutes if t

  • Continue running when 20 minutes are reached

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  • Get off after 20 minutes

    Votes: 2 100.0%
  • Reset the machine after 20 minutes and keep running

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  • PRT Tradition demands I include this option: Whip it out.

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Treadmill ettiquette: Your take

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<p>Well, I am slowly - and I stress that - slowly getting back.  It's been since August last that the pain in my shoulder has been keeping me from running.  (Well that and a leaky heart valve,but that's another story) Last two weeks I've been doing some light trompmill running.</p>
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<p>Here's the question.</p>
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<p>Four treadmills.  Two are occupied when you arrive.  Sign says "Keep your workout to 20 minutes if there's a wait list.  Given that there's one empty and your 20 minutes are up, what do you do?</p>
This is a poll.  Wait for it.</p>
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<p>Stay on, then if someone says something about it, then its time to whip it out.</p>
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