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Training for a relay

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In June we're doing a 62 mile relay. 6 of us will each run two legs of approximately 5 miles each, a couple of hours apart.<br><br>
Should I train with two runs a couple of hours apart or just do a normal long run on the weekend and it will be fine?<br><br>
Keep in mind - 1) we're doing it for fun and have a better chance of winning the powerball jackpot than placing in this race; and 2) I'm extremely slow and just want to get to the end.<br><br>
Bottom line - I don't want to be too sore when all is said and done.
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I've done relays of varying lengths and captained a team on the Banff-Calgary road race.<br><br>
Speaking from personal experience, I'd say "both". Train for longer distances (stamina), and do doubles. But I don't see the value in stressing your body out with the couple of hour break, that's for race day. Do am and pm runs.<br><br>
If your legs are 5 miles each, think of a 13-15 mile run in your training plan once or twice. Get some good base up and you'll be fine.
Good question...I'm doing one of these relays next weekend and I haven't really trained specifically for it at all...guess maybe I should have. There are 10 of us doing 180 miles (3 legs each), it starts early Saturday morning and ends sometime Sunday afternoon....I'm kinda nervous.
Nothing you can do now but ensure that you're well rested! Look at the race profile for your legs and figure out strategy. Can you run them all flat out? (Be realistic!) What can you do to rest/recover in between. One thing you're going to both have to be mindful of is the fact that you will need to stretch.<br><br>
Don't stretch right away, but don't leave it for the last moment either. If you're in a cramped car or van for a couple of hours you might be warm but your muscles might seize up too.<br><br>
Bring a change of running gear. If it is raining you will need it.<br><br>
Bring a hoodie or something warm to keep yourself warm in. Unless this is Floridia or something abysmally hot all year round you'll want to take the edge off, even if it is in the 60's.<br><br>
Take some protein / recovery drink in between the legs - particularly yours RBS.<br><br>
I did 2 legs of a relay last year, and I probably didn't train the right way for it.. first leg was awesome, second leg... not so much. I had done long distances, but hadn't done 2 runs in one day. I think it might have helped.<br><br>
I also didn't fuel adequately in between legs, which I think was a big part of my problem.<br><br>
Make sure you move around between, and don't let yourself get chilled.<br><br>
And totally enjoy the experience! I had a blast! <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
Wish I would have thought about the 2-a-days before. I do bike/swim/run all in one day sometimes...maybe that will help, but I doubt it. I don't want to push it at this point since there is less than a week left.<br><br>
I actually went and ran one of my legs today...the description said "soft rolling hills". They are higher than a kite...I climbed a frickin' mountain...I'm afraid to go run my second says "steep hills".<br><br>
Should be loads of fun?!
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