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Trainer Question

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<p>Ok, we have a Kurt and a Cyclops. I like the Cyclops, but I have the same problem with both.  It seems that I can't get a consistent amount of resistance from one ride to another. I try to keep the pressure the same, keep the tension the same, but some days it seems a pedal stroke goes faster than the others. Since I don't train with a power meter, I'm always trying to figure out how to be consistent from ride to ride.. </p>
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<p>Any suggestions? </p>
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<p>cycleops fluid trainers are inconsistent, I've got one and it takes 20-40 minutes before it all gets warmed up and begins to even out; at least on mine the faster and harder I pedal the more consistent the feel.  The Fluid trainer works similar to parts of a torque converter in a spins the fluid via impeller for resistance.  As that fluid heats up during use the resistance will change. </p>
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<p>I've found that the first 20minutes are the hardest.  Then from about 20-40min the resistance starts to drop and I can spin up faster getting that resistance back.  From about 40minutes on it's mostly consistent if I keep the RPMs up but if they drop and I mash you can really tell a difference from one pedal stroke to the next that the resistance is very changeable depending on how you put down that power(which helps you learn to be smooth).  I really like that variability because I can then exploit it.  Using the lower resistance at high RPMs to spin and via resistance. tell when i'm starting to change my RPM or Torque.  Then on the low end I can do strength building drills at low RPM-let it cool down and get a very very difficult training session.</p>
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