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Trainer Question

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<p>Ok, we have a Kurt and a Cyclops. I like the Cyclops, but I have the same problem with both.  It seems that I can't get a consistent amount of resistance from one ride to another. I try to keep the pressure the same, keep the tension the same, but some days it seems a pedal stroke goes faster than the others. Since I don't train with a power meter, I'm always trying to figure out how to be consistent from ride to ride.. </p>
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<p>Any suggestions? </p>
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<p>I don't know, but if I were you, what I would do is put the big ring in the 53 and the rear at about 25 or 24.  Have a cadence sensor and spin at 90rpms until the effort feels equivalent, at that gearing, as it does on the road.  If its too hard to spin at 90, loosen up the torque, too easy, tighten a bit.  Wait a bit for the tire to warm up.   The key would be using the same setup each time , same gearing and rpms to produce a similar result.  Once you are dialed in, then you can put it in a harder gear for the workout. That's what I did, until I got my computrainer.</p>
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