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Trail Shoes

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So I bought a pair of north face trail shoes months ago and I hate them. I need a trail shoe that is going to offer 1) proper support 2) protection from pointy rocks etc 3) some toe protection and 4) certain amount of flexibility and comfortable.<br><br>
Any recommendations? I have looked online but I am going to head to REI and see what they have at lunch. Their selection isnt great but it is so hard to buy shoes online because I cant see or touch them...<br>
any other stores I should check out, especially in the Philadelphia area.
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I ended up getting a pair of Merrell Continuum's. They seem really comfortable and they also seemd to have the right amount of support. Fortunately they also look like they will let water I will wear them around and do a few trail runs with them. Hopefully, these will work out better than the Northface shoes I had...<br><br>
Thanks for all of the advice!
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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