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Trail Shoes

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So I bought a pair of north face trail shoes months ago and I hate them. I need a trail shoe that is going to offer 1) proper support 2) protection from pointy rocks etc 3) some toe protection and 4) certain amount of flexibility and comfortable.<br><br>
Any recommendations? I have looked online but I am going to head to REI and see what they have at lunch. Their selection isnt great but it is so hard to buy shoes online because I cant see or touch them...<br>
any other stores I should check out, especially in the Philadelphia area.
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Just ordered some Crosslites, new Sportiva shoe. Gnarly moutain bike tire soles, nifty and durable wrapped up thing. They're a new company but their stuff just keeps getting better. Will be my 3rd pair of Sportivas. Their underfoot rock protection is good, they're comfy. Raceblades fell apart at 250 miles, torn eyelets and burst sides but they felt awesome. Won a pair of Fireblades that seem bulletproof, still going past 300 miles. Rolled the dice tonight with a coupon on their new model. They're italians, and only on the <a href="" target="_blank">italian site</a> can you zoom in and see the details
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