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trail shoes

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Hi guys! I need some help with this. I currently have a pair of trail shoes (Brooks Adrenaline) and I wore them for a 50k trail run. I ended up with 5 black toenails. I know I have to make an adjustment before I do another ultra. I was at the Chicago Marathon expo and asked the Brooks rep. about this. He had me try on the next size up but, it seemed too big. I also have wide feet. What shoe should I get? Most of the running places around here do not know anything about trail shoes. Same thing with the Brooks rep I talked to. I usually wear a size 8w in brooks and have never had an issue with my feet. I thought I heard somewhere that for ultras I needed to go up a size. Educate me in trail shoes and how to solve this problem. By the way, I love this ultra stuff!!!!
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My toenail issues were from too small of shoes. I now have shoes in 2 sizes: the "normal" size pair for midweek runs, and the half size up pair for long runs. On longer runs, my feet swell! Any friction becomes more and more of a problem over time.<br><br>
Also make sure you are socked up right for your feet. I'm using injinji's (toe socks) with a second pair over them (thin pair for midweek, thick cushiony pair for long run). Two pairs of socks seems to help me by causing the friction to disperse between the 2 pairs of socks.<br><br>
ALSO! Trim your nails! Trust me, long toenails are just asking for toenail issues.
It could be the downhills! You should be feeling that as it happens... *cringe* My toes just curled up in sympathy.
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