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Total Immersion

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How many of y'all learned how to swim (or swim better) by TI? Im asking because right now is the first time I've ever learned to swim properly, and I have seen marked improvement in my swimming. I am really glad, because I sucked pretty hard at the swim.<br><br>
(I have a cush deal too. Im in a $15 a month tri group and the coach is a certified TI instructor :banana<img alt="smile.gif" src="">
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I think you're at the stage I was last year, wyrillco. My form was so bad, I wasn't able to even get up past 100 yd without gasping. It was actually when I started incorporating the TI drills in where I was able to get in the non-stop longer swims farther than 1000yd, and I was able to slowly but surely get thru the 700 yd in my tri last September.<br><br>
I could use a TI seminar here too for someone to fine tune my form, but you're right, they're super pricy (they're $500 here where I am.) For that rate, it almost seems like I could fly to Atlanta and attend a Coach Carole session or sumptin for the same price <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
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