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Total Immersion

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How many of y'all learned how to swim (or swim better) by TI? Im asking because right now is the first time I've ever learned to swim properly, and I have seen marked improvement in my swimming. I am really glad, because I sucked pretty hard at the swim.<br><br>
(I have a cush deal too. Im in a $15 a month tri group and the coach is a certified TI instructor :banana<img alt="smile.gif" src="">
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So Snooze, I have the DVD, and I took a lesson last summer from a TI coach.<br><br>
Do you do the drills instead of swimming laps? I'm worried that if I spend all this time on drills I won't gain swim fitness.<br><br>
Anything has to be better than the inefficient stroke I have now!!
I'm sure that's true for me too.<br><br>
But I did 1100 yards this morning without any trouble, slowly. I just don't want to stop doing the distances, if you know what I mean.<br><br>
I should suck it up and go to a TI seminar here. But they are like $400 for a 2 day thing (good deal, but pricy).
I guess I need to get out my DVD and watch it. When I watched it originally it was kind of confusing, but after meeting with the coach, hopefully it will make more sense.<br><br>
I could do lessons, but they are expensive, and the 2 day seminar would be way more cost effective.
Thanks, Snooze! I'll read the whole thing, but that part seems to really hit home.<br><br>
Except, I'd be lucky to call myself an average swimmer. <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
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