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Total Immersion

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How many of y'all learned how to swim (or swim better) by TI? Im asking because right now is the first time I've ever learned to swim properly, and I have seen marked improvement in my swimming. I am really glad, because I sucked pretty hard at the swim.<br><br>
(I have a cush deal too. Im in a $15 a month tri group and the coach is a certified TI instructor :banana<img alt="smile.gif" src="">
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I first read the TI book after checking it out from the library about 5 times. Couldn't get the gist of the drills until I bought the DVD, then it made significantly more sense. I started in Aug 2004 not being able to swim 25 yards without difficulty to IM swims nonstop with ease (avg times ~ 1:26). Practice those drills and schedule a race to try them in. The TI approach was great for me as I liked learning at a comfortable pace, versus the master's swim pain fest.<br><br>
My most difficult issues started with relaxed breathing, I then I worked on endurance, now trying to get faster little by little, but still remembering all the drills and any other great information that others impart.
I can attest that practicing more than simply bouncing off each wall will get you where you want to be swimming goal wise. I did a scheduled time trial (warm up, 3 x 300 yd FS, cool down) last night and I noticed over 5 seconds per 100 yd improvement in just the last month, and compared to my previous 2 years of TTs, it's the fastest yet. I still envision the drills as I swim, trying to better things like my catch and pull, etc.<br><br>
One thing I do like about the DVD -- I can always put it on and watch it to refresh my memory on a particular drill, how it's best performed. There's no way I would have been able to remember everything a good coach would be shown me.<br><br>
01/31/08 -- (05:29, 05:28, 05:27) <b>AVERAGE 100yd = <span style="color:#FF0000;">1:49.5</span></b><br>
02/28/08 -- (05:15, 05:07, 05:12) <b>AVERAGE 100yd = <span style="color:#FF0000;">1:43.9</span></b><br>
Personally, for me yes. I practiced the drills 3 times a week, and noticed the improvement. Plus, I didn't have the $$$$ to drop on a TI seminar. Plus, now my wife is using the DVD, as she's starting to train for her first tri. We'll be practicing tomorrow after watching a few of the drills tonight.
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