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My oldest son and I are doing it again!!! We're numbers 105 and 106. I've done this tour almost every year since 1985.<br><br>
TOSRV is Tour of the Scioto River Valley, from Columbus, OH to Portsmouth on Saturday, and back to Columbus on Sunday, for a total of 210miles. It is Mother's Day weekend. There are rest stops at about m25 (Circleville), m50 (Chilicothe) and m75 (Waverly). In Portsmouth, they have a welcoming party in the park--complete with COLD BEER! It's mostly flat, with some really good hills between Chillicothe and Waverly. There's also the Half TOSRV option, which is Chillicothe to Portsmouth (55m each day)<br><br>
Overnight accomodations are gym floors. But, after riding 105m, I always sleep well. You have several options for dinner. Several churches have pasta dinners, although my son and I prefer the church with lasagna. In the morning, a church has a pancake breakfast, while TOSRV provides doughnuts and hot chocolate. We always pack our own breakfast because, well, those doughnuts just SIT there...<br><br>
Anyone who is anywhere near Ohio should consider this tour. Registration is only $45, which is CHEAP for a two day bike tour!
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That's a beautiful part of the state (I was a Bobcat, and then lived in Dayton for 5 years).<br><br>
Is it a race race...or more just a chance to bike and mingle?
ahhh.....sounds fun.<br>
I'd like to take one of those some day through wine country in california...or france...or whereever. <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
bike a little<br>
have some wine<br>
bike some more<br>
have some cheese<br>
bike a bit more...<br>
get in the hot tub with some wine and cheese<br><br>
doesn't that sound fun? lol
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