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Toe and Toenail Misery

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<b>Warning:</b> <i>do not read any farther if you are squeamish, especially about feet.</i><br><br>
I am a little depressed about the condition of my toes. Of 10 toes, I am now missing 4 nails (3rd and 4th toe on each foot), 2 are black, 2 nails (my second toes) are abnormally thick, and two nails (big toes) are scuffed.<br><br>
I've always had occasional black nails and my second toe nails have gotten thick no matter what style and size shoes I run in. I file them down so it's not so obvious. (My second toes are not longer than the big toes, either.)<br><br>
During the marathon I ran 3 weeks ago and since, I've had more blistering than normal underneath and around the nail beds every time I run. Or, I guess, where nails used to be on some of the toes.<br><br>
We won't even get in to the blisters and callouses on my second toe tips and medial side of my big toes.<br><br>
I was just visiting my hometown and both my mom and best friend, you know, those unconditional love types, proclaimed my feet disgusting. <img alt="sad.gif" src=""> I look at my feet and am repulsed.<br><br>
The cosmetic side does really bother me. Besides preferring to have cute feet, I teach yoga and pilates so am barefoot for part of my job. It does not make a good impression. Also, healthwise, I am starting to worry about infection developing, especially on the toes w/o nails.<br><br>
I buy running shoes 1 1/2 sizes too big and Body Glide my feet before long runs. My toes don't hurt while I run but after runs are just disfigured. <img alt="sad.gif" src=""> Maybe I need to step that up and/or wear some different socks? I wear Thorlo socks. Or use a different product? Or convince my health insurance provider that weekly pedicures are medically necessary? <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
Has anyone had success with resolving issues like this? I am especially curious about preventing these problems and re-growing as normal as possible nails.<br><br><i><b>Ugh.</b></i>
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Also, you might want to check for shoe models that have a DEEP toe box (that is top-to-bottom height) if you have a , um, "thick" foot. Toe box depth does vary by brand and model.
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