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Tithers OFFICIAL post!

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Wipad-remember you get to post my GCT report!<br><br>
So...I guess the race experience started yesterday. Mr. Tithers and I were in MARTA switching from the south line to the west line...the train rolls in...guess who I spot in the crowd...<br><br>
No other than ALAMICHELE!!! Whodda thunk. I seem to run into everyone at MARTA. I only use it a few times a year. We got Ann to take a phone picture-so that will be up soon<img alt="smile.gif" src=""> Glad I caught her b/c she didn't come to dinner.<br><br>
I got to the expo and didn't see Macca right away...everyone had to wear orange that volunteered.<br><br>
I got my number, got a bite to eat and went to man the Atlanta Triathlon Club booth.<br><br>
So hours passed. I had to pee-AGAIN...and was HUNGRY. There was the free organic PUBLIX cereal samples. All the sudden, Snooze finds me and there is Becca too! Supa HAWT couple. So I sat w/them whilst they ate their lunch and went back to my booth.<br><br>
They were tired, so they stopped to say "laterz" before they headed on out.<br><br>
We all met up at Chilis later that afternoon. We ate at 6ish 7ish. That's too late for Sheldon for a race day. Oh well...Sherry can't eat at 4:30...or else she'd have to eat again at 8.<br><br>
We had a BLAST...everyone was beautiful and saw the photos. I'm happy I got to hold Aimee's babies. I'll babysit anytime...with a tag-team partner. 2 is too much by myself! Stitcher gets the "I drove across state lines for dinner and no race award" And roots gets the "I have super-secret baby holding skillz/new official running coach award."<br><br>
Crazy Frog was super sweet and didn't want me to take MARTA by myself after she drove me to my car...THANKS CF!<br><br><br>
So-I'm pretty tired when I get home...I call Mr. Tithers in the driveway and tell him to log off his World of Warcraft b/c we had to lay out race stuff. I need to have EVERYTHING out the night before...he was whiney and didn't want to run. I said "CTFU!" I mixed my Infinit and grabbed 2 gels...all the other good pre-race stuff...
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things you forgot to mention:<br><br>
1. who donated a cliff bar for this morning? your fave flavor, nonetheless?<br>
2. what did snooze say to you while he was pacing you?<br>
3. how did you finsih???
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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