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Tithers OFFICIAL post!

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Wipad-remember you get to post my GCT report!<br><br>
So...I guess the race experience started yesterday. Mr. Tithers and I were in MARTA switching from the south line to the west line...the train rolls in...guess who I spot in the crowd...<br><br>
No other than ALAMICHELE!!! Whodda thunk. I seem to run into everyone at MARTA. I only use it a few times a year. We got Ann to take a phone picture-so that will be up soon<img alt="smile.gif" src=""> Glad I caught her b/c she didn't come to dinner.<br><br>
I got to the expo and didn't see Macca right away...everyone had to wear orange that volunteered.<br><br>
I got my number, got a bite to eat and went to man the Atlanta Triathlon Club booth.<br><br>
So hours passed. I had to pee-AGAIN...and was HUNGRY. There was the free organic PUBLIX cereal samples. All the sudden, Snooze finds me and there is Becca too! Supa HAWT couple. So I sat w/them whilst they ate their lunch and went back to my booth.<br><br>
They were tired, so they stopped to say "laterz" before they headed on out.<br><br>
We all met up at Chilis later that afternoon. We ate at 6ish 7ish. That's too late for Sheldon for a race day. Oh well...Sherry can't eat at 4:30...or else she'd have to eat again at 8.<br><br>
We had a BLAST...everyone was beautiful and saw the photos. I'm happy I got to hold Aimee's babies. I'll babysit anytime...with a tag-team partner. 2 is too much by myself! Stitcher gets the "I drove across state lines for dinner and no race award" And roots gets the "I have super-secret baby holding skillz/new official running coach award."<br><br>
Crazy Frog was super sweet and didn't want me to take MARTA by myself after she drove me to my car...THANKS CF!<br><br><br>
So-I'm pretty tired when I get home...I call Mr. Tithers in the driveway and tell him to log off his World of Warcraft b/c we had to lay out race stuff. I need to have EVERYTHING out the night before...he was whiney and didn't want to run. I said "CTFU!" I mixed my Infinit and grabbed 2 gels...all the other good pre-race stuff...
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there's more...right?<br><img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
I'm thikin' (as I sit in front of "A League of Their Own"<img alt="wink.gif" src="">...<br>
Snooze needs to write a RR on the "How to Pace Tithers" experience.<br><br>
Just sayin'
THAT's a finished RR!<br><br>
Great job girly!<br><br>
I hear ya about thinking that for the RUNNERS on the board, thinking running is easy for them.<br>
I think the same thing.<br><br>
I guess I think that because of how comfortble I feel in the water, I assume that they feel that same comfortable feeling when they run. And, maybe so. But, I think you hit it on the head...with the "feeling the pain, and then hanging on...." thing. It's like they have more gears to draw from, or more different systems to use when they start feeling the hurt.<br><br>
I have a feeling that being able to transfer that ability from one sport to another will make you an even better triathlete.....take that "hanging on" feeling from the bike or run...and put it in the water....or from the water and put it on the run.<br><br>
And...I LOVE that you use your local familiar routes to "overlay" while you race. That's a great idea. I have an idea of where the approximate miles are on my local routes....and can use them to help when things start to get hurtful. Thanks for the tip.<br><br>
Dinner was great....<br>
Thanks for my new award!
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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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