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Tithers' Conclusion about Our Weirdness and OCDness...

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In reference to the what is weird about you thread...<br><br>
Lots of us have OCD traits...mine is I have to be "even" whether it's fixing Sheldon's math to have an even workout (2450 yards in the pool REALLY bothers me) or if I get kissed on one toe...Mr. Tithers must kiss the same toe on the opposite foot the same way the original toe was kissed.<br><br>
People are setting alarms 10x...etc.<br><br>
I guess what I'm trying to say is you gotta be obsessive to be a good triathlete. That's all.
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I have no clock issues other than I don't like to be late when I go anywhere. I almost always leave the house early so I don't have to feel rushed. My clocks are set to about the correct time, but they're not exact. They could be off a minute or so in either direction.<br><br>
Almost none of my rides or runs is exact distances. I usually just plan to complete a particular route regardless of how it turns out distance-wise. One of my regular running routes is 8.23 miles, another is 11.17. About the only time I obsess about the distance is when my Garmin is at x.99 miles and then I'll run the extra .01 which will take me past my house so I end a run by my neighbors.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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