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Tips for Defensive Workouts

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Ok, with all the near death experiences... and death experiences we've read about from time to time.. thought it would be good to start a thread.<br><br>
What do YOU do to keep from turning into roadkill?<br><br>
I'll start<br>
- situational awareness when on roads. Never do a hard interval when there are cars.<br>
- run against traffic<br>
- make eye contact with each and every driver. I wave my arms to get their attention if I don't KNOW they see me. I will even weave into the road a bit (if they're far enough out) to make sure they get it.<br>
- ready to jump into a snowbank/curb at a moments notice.<br>
- wear blinking lights dusk/dark
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I started usin a mirror last year after a friend got run over from behind, I find it really helpful after I got used to it. It's fun to bonk people with my mirror on grup rides also or check if they are rolling their eyes when they agree with something i say.<br><br>
For new riders in urban areas, one of the biggest common dangerous mistakes I see is using the space between the curb and traffic lane to move up when traffic stops. The all time worst move is to move to the indside of a stopped, articulated truck and have the rear wheels come over toward the curb when the truck turns right.
I have tried all sorts, I used an oval shaped Roadgear that attaches to the brake hood with velcro, I'm quite happy with it. It annoys my bike snob friends too.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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