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Time for this week’s edition of, “What Hurts?” ©

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Frikkin Frakken PF in my right foot.<br><br>
After 33 pain free miles on the TM last week I thought I was ready for a few outside yesterday. After 4.5 I was a hurtin' puppy. <img alt="sad.gif" src=""><img alt="mad.gif" src="">
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Left foot, second toe. Went for a MRI yesterday. Although the x-ray tech couldn't give me a diagnosis, she did tell me that there was quite a bit of fluid (no, really?!?!). I asked her specifically about a stress fracture, and she said she wouldn't be suprised if the radiologist found one. Of course, my doctor and I already knew that, since the x-rays on Thursday were suspicious. Three weeks from my 'thon. What timing...........
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