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Thursday, Nov. 3 - Workouts

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<p>Chilly 8 miler this morning from the Y.  Temp around 35 so I went with the long sleeves but held off on the long pants until it gets into the 20's or so.  Appears most parts of town have their power back  Plan to head back to the Y in a bit for TRX class.</p>
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<p>Have a great day </p>
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<p>Basic daily run then off to work. Starting to feel a bit better. Not as cold today helped some too.</p>
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<p>36m 22s - 4.15 miles - 08m 46s/Mi<br><br>
1:30 PM<br><br><br>
Equipment: Brooks Defyance<br><br>
Cool/low 40s - Sunny and windy. Crawford/Puckett/Security/Kiva/Fontaine/Grinnell/Crawford/Upton/home. Short easy effort run. Bruised ribs still hurting, but the pain is subsiding and I was able to breathe better. Stretching afterward.</p>
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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