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Thursday March 22 workout reports

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My body is starting to object, but not too loudly -<br><br>
16 miles on TM - Nice slow fat burning speed<br><br>
Good running to all -
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merigayle - "Flounder- i am surprised your body has not spoken up sooner. You run insane mileage."<br><br>
Everyone here running a 100 mile race - Raise their hands ... Anyone ... Anyone oh yes - Meri <img alt="icon_blackeye.gif" src=""><br><br>
I feel in good company <img alt="icon_flower.gif" src=""><br><br>
My friends know not to challenge me to any competition that involves little skill - Just an abundance of pigheadiness <img alt="snorting.gif" src=""><br><br>
My personality and body was made for Ultras, but I continue to resist their black hole like gravitational pull - some day I will cross over to the dark side with Meri. <img alt="surprised.gif" src="">ccasion5:
Plus I know a certain someone that is going to post a 400 point total day very soon - Just trying to store up some points for when you drop the "Big One"
Today I took a little back from what "The Man" has taken from me in the past (Lunches) and did 8 miles outside in a littel under 1:01<br><br>
47F sunny Winds 10 MPH - Very nice day in WI<br><br>
I realized after this morning that I needed to eat more - I ate 1800 calories between the morning run and 9:00 am - I flet like a champ during my lunch run.<br><br>
Good running to all -
Your attitude and mileage amaze me!! *woo*<br><br>
Last year I had some success averaging 120 per week for the training cycle of fall marathon. I would probably make faster progress @ 90-100 MPW, but I am an addict.<br><br>
My big bonus - I get 1 hour lunch and can run 5-6 miles + I chose to live 3 miles from work (No Commute)
8 outside tonight -51F 10 MPH winds, sunny - Its great to be running outside<br><br>
4 out in 31:12<br>
4 back in 28:28<br><br>
Its amazing what a ton of food does <img alt="snorting.gif" src=""><br><br>
15 minutes of Core
1 - 6 of 27 Posts
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